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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu : turning failure to success

Posted by Fafa on July 25, 2015

How Jiu Jitsu turns failure into success



        Many begin their Martial arts career thinking they're the biggest kid on the block. Most people have had a couple of street fights in their life which means "they know how to fight". This illusion is rudely shattered when they encounter an experienced opponent. This is also the reason most don't attend a second class. Getting submitted is common to beginners. Most beginners also view the submission as loosing which hurts their pride. Those people however, are looking at failure the wrong way.


        I have never met a soul who has became an expert at something over night. Brazillian Jiu Jitsu is no different. You could spend an entire lifetime trying to master it and still learn something new. The moment you feel you know everything  you're no longer ready to learn. In the martial arts world this  also means getting hurt. Letting your pride get in the way will make you feel  tapping to submissions is for the weak. I have bad news for prideful people. Failing to tap will get you put to sleep or broken bones.  Tapping to a submission should be a lesson to learn from instead of an admission of defeat at least in the class room.


         There's always a way to make something better. We live in a world where few things are original. You can make an existing idea more original by improving it. Techniques and the way they're set up is always evolving. Don't prevent yourself from getting better by being prideful or, you may find yourself falling behind your peers. As you get better it gets harder to see an improvement, or take criticism from someone less experienced. The new guy is normally wrong, but occasionally they might see something you missed.  


                Brazilian Jiu Jitsu continuously forces you to admit you did something wrong as you fail to complete a movement you thought you just learned. From those failures come the lessons that lead to success. When something doesn't work you can always get better by asking yourself questions such as. Why Didn't it work? How can I set it up better? What can I do better next time. Finding the answer to such questions is how we learn and evolve. 


                Just as you feel yourself getting a little ahead of the game. You will be shocked to find your advancements are helping others learn how to demolish your game . Team mates you used to effortlessly submit will begin countering your movements. It's not the end of the world. This doesn't mean you have to start over after all why re-invent the wheel. This is the best chance to improve upon what you already know. Your opponent already knows what you want. With an open mind you can still succeed at the same technique by learning a new strategies to apply same technique.


                 Your Jiu Jitsu journey can be as endless as you want it to be. Most find the beginning to be full frustration. Stick with it I promise you will become better person inside and outside of the gym. You will listen, learn, and make decisions with more clarity. Making yourself a better student will only help you be a better mentor to others. I could be wrong but why not stick around for a year or two I dare you to prove me wrong. See you on the mats.


Author Brandon Quinn Vowles
Nickname: Fafa fini
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