Muay Thai Kick Boxing

A Striking martial art that uses punches, knees, and elbows. This is done to stun, cut or incapacitate opponents. This Martial Art relies on fast powerful accurate strikes as well as footwork that requires you to be light on your toes.

A picture taken after a Kickboxing class

What to expect from Muay Thai

        Instructors use drills to teach students to perform movements accurately and help anticipate a opponents movements. Anyone can throw a punch, but trained individuals can throw a powerful, fast and accurate strikes. We do our best to make sure students of all skill levels benefit from the lessons. People of many different skill levels come to kick boxing classes. Often more experienced students are paired up with newer students. This helps prevent injuries and ensures that students get the most out of their class. Kick boxing can be very cardio intensive it's important to do what you can and not compare yourself to others. 

Why people choose Muay Thai

        Not everyone who takes kick boxing classes likes to compete and prefer to spar lightly. Fighters on the other hand need more pressure and need to be pushed to their limits. It is important to let the instructor know your intentions. This will help them place you with students who have similar goals. Those who wish to fight need to be pushed different from people that come as a hobby or to get in shape. People that fight train to hurt other people in a ring or cage. This is no good for those who are there to get in shape or as a casual activity. This is why there are two different groups of people that do striking. Both groups of people need different types of instruction. Everyone has different goals it's important to respect that especially during sparring time. This will help make sure you enjoy the lesson more. 



Striking will help improve your eye hand coordination with drills and exorcises. Your first few classes will be focused on a good fighting stance. Maintaining foot work while moving will help you learn to maintain your stance without thinking about it. This will build a foundation to maintain good form while striking. All of the basics you learn you will help you become more accurate with quick movements. You will be able to judge distance better and learn to strike moving targets while striking. Eventually you will use combinations to set up particular strikes.

How Kick Boxing will improve your health

        Kick boxing exorcises consist of jump rope and shadow boxing. Shadow boxing is sparring in front of a mirror as if you had an opponent in front of you. This helps you see if you're using good form while practicing combinations. Shadow boxing also helps you become more creative with your punches, kicks, and knees. Jump rope is another common exercise. This will help you become lighter on your feet and maintain a springy stance to move quickly. This is important for punches and even more so for kicks. Jump rope will greatly improve your cardio and helps shape muscles. A good weighted jump rope will work out almost every muscle in your body.

Self Discipline

        At first kicking and punching a heavy bag is a challenge because when done incorrectly it can hurt. This can make starting out hard. However, consistently coming to classes is the only way to change this. Soon it will no longer hurt to hit the bag because you'll be doing it with good form. Then you will start learning how to control your strikes. It's easy to fold under the intensity of striking work outs. Only coming to a class here and there because of fatigue  will plateau your progress. Cardio is the second thing that discourages most it can be hard to push yourself. The coaches can help push you to achieve your goals so long as you're as honest with them as you are with yourself.