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The Basic Mindset

Posted by Fafa on September 4, 2015

The Basic Mindset

 belts.jpg               The most boring part of your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu should extend far beyond your first two weeks. As  BJJ skills progress people often feel they're too good for the good old hipscape. I hate to break to these poor misguided practitioners but, every movement that leads up to  submissions the basic movements. Holding positions and setting up submissions are nothing more than many basic movements chained into one big combination. With that in mind I dare say the most important submission is the basics. Skipping warm ups at the beginning of class may be why your colleagues are progressing faster than you. 

                As we progress we get faster at completing these movements and meshing them together to form snares for our opponents. You should spend more time learning to perform basic movements the correct way. Building bad habits early on trying to knock out some drills fast will be much harder to break later. Shifting your focus to learning proper form for your techniques will build a great foundation for more advanced techniques. The better you build your foundation the better more advanced techniques will seamlessly come together. On the other hand rushing through techniques will create gaping holes in your game. Holes which others will exploit to submit you. This will leave you wondering what you did wrong because doing things wrong will feel natural.Bad habits are hard to break. You have to do something different an average of 10 times to correct doing it wrong once keep that in mind next time your in a rush. 

                After several months you will notice that a good amount of people start to feel like they're too good for the pre-class warm up. They come in late just in time for the first technique of the night. After years at a gym you will also notice these people progress extremely slowly. As previously mentioned every submission is based on basic movements. By skipping the pre-class warm up these "slackers" have skipped their shrimps. As a result they are now the people that get smashed in your side control because you shrimp better than they do. It's easy to get in the habit of skipping repetitious things. Let's face it repetition is boring. NO ONE wants to do boring things however, these boring things are the path to success. Even those that don't compete want to get better. To get better I only have one recommendation. Be on the mat 5 minutes early stretching this will help you fight that urge to make an excuse. Even if you don't feel like going to the gym today do it. By the rolling time I promise you'll be glad you came.  

                 Sometimes in chess we offer a valuable piece as bait to an opponent. When the opponent takes the bait it creates an opening you exploit to win. Jiu Jitsu is like chess with millions of pieces. Most take between 1-2 years to understand how those peaces kind of work. They can then start putting strategies together with the movements learned. The more repetition you use to teach yourself a movement the less you will find yourself thinking it. instead of breaking it down into steps you'll do it without thinking. As you progress you will find even brand new techniques easier to understand and perform because they all make sense on a basic level. Keep training but never forget the basics or you will never understand the more complex movements.

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